Helping You Organize the Facts of Your Life

Recently we were contacted by a distraught family: a family member (with a relatively young family herself) had died suddenly and they were struggling to locate critical information.

They didn’t know if she had a will or if she had life insurance . . . they didn’t know who were the relevant people or companies to contact . . .

Please don’t let this happen to you or your family.

Be aware that when someone dies without a will, state law will dictate who gets what property and when – this obviously can complicate an already difficult situation for the family.

Be aware that it is critical that family members have available important documents (regarding marriages, divorces, adoptions, etc.). . .

To help you organize this essential information, we have an excellent booklet available at no charge – stop by our office or give a call and we’ll get a copy out to you!

Please be prepared.

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